Join the Revolution of Gamers

My Design

Have you ever seen an Ad thought, “Wow that is really cool,” and then attempt to create something just like it? Well I certainly never did until now. This project was designed to find a unique ad, dissect what makes it great and then create your own ad that would feel like it was apart of the original.

I am an avid video game player and sought and ad that would appeal to my own demographic: Adults both men and women, ages 18-35, who enjoy playing video games.

I found an ad from Sony marketing their Playstation 4. The ad is simple, showing a picture of the earth with the sun shining on the horizon. A simple tagline reads: “GREATNESS AWAITS.”

Here is the original Ad.

I created a slide presentation showing details about the original ad and then about my own.

I personally like my ad better than the original. I feel like the visual is more appealing and I like the idea of gamers coming together and joining in a revolution. My ad follows the same grid as the original so it feels like it belongs. This Earth picture is great because the shinning lights are like gamers across the world connecting so it sends an even deeper message without using words.


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